Animal Tracker Ground Station (Mote) - Tag Testing

PI: Andres Martinez, Jacob Levenson (Co-I), NASA/Ames Research Center

This flight demonstration is part of a collaboration between NASA and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) under an Interagency Agreement to conduct a one year study to 1) characterize the tracking capability of an animal tracker ground station by testing from a High Altitude Balloon, 2) conduct a workshop with the community of experts, and 3) conduct a design challenge. These activities support the development of a next generation tracking system for maritime animals to increase the amount of data captured for assistance in more informed decision-making. For example, if a company submits a request for a particular geography, BOEM will use the available data to determine impacts to the environment like wildlife migration patterns. Current tracking systems using the ARGOS constellation provide data at wide intervals and have become financially inefficient. This high altitude balloon demonstration will complete #1.

Technology Areas (?)
  • TA05 Communication and Navigation
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    NASA Directed
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  • 1 Balloon

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