In-Space Biosensors Batch Coating Using Self-Assembled Monolayers

PI: Solange Massa, Ecoatoms, Inc.

Electrochemical biosensors are simple and affordable analytical point-of-care diagnostics tools that can rapidly and cost-effectively detect a broad range of molecular analytes (e.g., glucose). The In-Space Biosensors Batch Coating Using Self-Assembled Monolayers project aims to whether microgravity allows for the creation of better, more uniform, and smoother coatings that could increase the sensitivity and specificity of these electrochemical biosensors. The test will demonstrate an automated batch system the team has developed for sensor coating and fabrication to address challenges of accuracy and reproducibility.

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Problem Statement

In order to detect proteins, biosensors need a uniform bottom-up manufacturing process that starts with depositing a coating material that creates a self-assembled monolayer (SAM) on top of the bare electrode. This SAM functionalizes the surface of the electrode allowing for further coating with antibodies that will detect the analyte of interest. Current 1 g manufacturing techniques create rough and uneven surfaces within a SAM that can alter a biosensor’s readability, affecting the reliability and reproducibility of blood biomarker detection. 0 g techniques could improve the uniformity and smoothness of this SAM layer and potentially increase the sensitivity and specificity of the sensor, allowing for improved manufacturing of point-of-care diagnostic tools.

Technology Maturation

The automated batch system is currently TRL 4. A successful flight will take this system to TRL 6 and will provide data on the hypothesis of the microgravity environment’s benefit for biosensor coating.

Future Customers

Point-of-care diagnostics manufacturing in low-Earth orbit. Real-time sensor manufacturing and biomarker detection during long-duration flight.

Technology Details

  • Selection Date
    TechFlights21 (Dec 2021)
  • Program Status
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    Successful FOP Flights
  • 0 sRLV

Development Team

  • PI
    Solange Massa
  • Organization
    Ecoatoms, Inc.
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