Suborbital Flight Environment Monitor (SFEM-1)

PI: Steve Ord, NASA/Ames Research Center

The Suborbital Flight Environment Monitor (SFEM) is a compact, self-contained payload that will monitor and record on-board environmental parameters of interest to investigators during a sRLV flight. All presently conceivable FOP sRLV scientific experiments will require knowledge of the actual flight environment as a function of time during the flight. The compact 2.2 kg package comprised of commercially available instruments is designed to measure and record stand-alone shock, vibration, temperature, pressure and relative humidity measurement. The information gathered on early FOP sRLV flights to characterize the payload environment will help to guide payload builds and determine the microgravity quality for future investigators.

Technology Areas (?)
  • TA08 Science Instruments, Observations and Sensor Systems
Problem Statement


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Future Customers

The data recorded during sRLV flights will be provided to all researchers using sRLV platform for their testing and research.

Flight Experiment Objectives

The SFEM will monitor and record on-board environmental parameters of interest during a FOP sRLV flight. These environmental parameters include 3-axis accelerations and G-loads, ambient pressure, relative humidity and temperature. The SFEM can record data for up to 4 hours.

Payload Description

The SFEM is a low power environment monitor using battery power. The SFEM package contains 3-axis vibration and G-load monitors (a +/- 2g unit in the EDR-4, an external/remote +/- 200g unit connected to the EDR-4, and a +/- 10g unit for reading quasi static G's in the MSR145). The EDR-4 unit also includes relative humidity (RH) and temperature sensors. The MSR145 unit includes temperature, pressure in addition to the accelerometers previously mentioned. Sampling rates for accelerations will be as high as 2kHz. Sampling rates for RH, temperature, and pressure will generally be lower than 10Hz.

Technology Details

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    NASA Directed
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    Commercial Off The Shelf
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  • 2 Parabolic
  • 2 sRLV

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