Advanced Developments Projects (ADP) Flight Avionics

PI: Dayne Kemp, Anh Nguyen (Co-I), NASA/Ames Research Center

The ADP advanced avionics utilizes NASA ARC’s extensive CubeSat knowledge and capabilities to develop an architecture built for modularity and flexibility to accommodate payloads of varying complexities that meet NASA safety standards for X-style projects. The avionics are comprised of both COTS and custom components with low-cost, short-lead times, and rad-hard options.

Technology Areas (?)
  • TA05 Communication and Navigation
Problem Statement

CubeSats represent low-cost, flexible, quick-turn custom platforms to support development of science instruments and space technologies with a high demonstration cadence. However, particularly for NASA tech demos, the utility of CubeSats are artificially constrained by supply-chain delays, lack of volume orders, lengthy contracting processes, and unique & stringent payload requirements. The advanced avionics developed by the Advanced Developments Projects (ADP) team at NASA ARC will overcome those constraints by providing a CubeSat architecture with flexible and modular systems built to enable low-cost, quick-turn tech demos on a 6-9 mo. cadence that meet NASA reliability and safety standards.

Technology Maturation

Functional and performance test of the experimental RF Communication, Navigation, and ADCS systems in the advanced avionics suite.
Start TRL: 4
End TRL: 6

Future Customers

Users: NASA CubeSat programs.
Applications: Low-cost, quick-turn around future CubeSat technology and science missions to enable exploration beyond LEO.

Technology Details

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    NASA Directed
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    Successful FOP Flights
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Development Team

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