Functional Integration of Lens Free Imaging in Suborbital Flight

PI: Veerle Reumers, IMEC USA Nanoelectronics Design Center, Inc., Melanie Coathup (Co-I), University of Central Florida

The Functional Integration of Lens Free Imaging in Suborbital Flight demonstration utilizes digital holography to take images at subcellular resolution without the need for optics or mechanical parts. Imec USA’s lens free imaging (LFI) technology is capable of capturing a three-dimensional image that can be reconstructed with software for any focal length, thereby eliminating the need for mechanical focusing. This approach also eliminates drift during the collection of time-lapse imagery. A Blue Origin suborbital rocket flight will test the LFI system as i tcaptures both static and time-lapse images in various gravitational conditions.

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Problem Statement

Imaging data is critical to scientific investigation, but current optical systems are often heavy and require complex alignment and mechanical coordination, making them challenging to operate in space. A more compact, lightweight system could allow for more sophisticated sample analysis and experimentation.

Technology Maturation

Validation of the LFI equipment in space will advance this technology from TRL 6 to 7. This demonstration will assess the system’s capabilities for imaging a variety of live and fixed samples.

Future Customers

•Cell/organism monitoring
•Lens/particle inspection
•Liquid behavior
•Lab-on-a-chip research

Technology Details

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    TechFlights20 (Sep 2020)
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