Plasma Jet Printing for In Space Manufacturing

PI: Ram Prasad Gandhiraman, Dennis Nordlund (Co-I), Space Foundry, Inc.

The Plasma Jet Printing for In-Space Manufacturing experiment will test plasma jet printing in a reduced and microgravity environment. Plasma jet printing is a low-cost, versatile, and high-throughput method for printing conductive traces and metal electrodes on non-conventional substrates including flexible materials and nonconformal three-dimensional objects. This test is part of NASA SBIR-funded work to adopt and test the plasma jet printing method for use in space as part of NASA’s On-Demand Manufacturing of Electronics (ODME) project.

Technology Areas (?)
  • NA

Technology Details

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  • Program Status
  • Current TRL (?)
    Successful FOP Flights
  • 1 Parabolic

Development Team

  • PI
    Ram Prasad Gandhiraman
  • PI Organization
    Space Foundry, Inc.
  • Co-I
    Dennis Nordlund
  • Co-I Organization
    Space Foundry, Inc.
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