Testing a root-like burrowing device in Lunar conditions

PI: Nicolas Naclerio, Elliot Hawkes (Co-I), University of California - Santa Barbara

The Root-Like Burrowing Device in Lunar Conditions flight tests will assess and compare the reaction and anchoring forces of a rigid intruder and a pneumatic tip-extending device in a low-gravity environment. These tests seek to determine whether the tip-extending device could self-anchor and improve burrowing in microgravity, where reaction forces are difficult to produce. Self-anchoring would enable the device to deliver subsurface sensors to deeper depths. Flight tests also will evaluate the validity of using bed aeration to simulate reduced gravity on cohesive and non-cohesive lunar regolith simulants.

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Development Team

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    Nicolas Naclerio
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    University of California - Santa Barbara
  • Co-I
    Elliot Hawkes
  • Co-I Organization
    University of California - Santa Barbara
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