Slam Stick test on SpinLaunch

PI: Gregory Peters, NASA/Ames Research Center

The Slam Stick Test on SpinLaunch aims to test the flight environment of the SpinLaunch system. This flight environment datalogger payload will measure the vibrational environment and gravitational loads during launch as well as temperature and atmospheric pressure of the payload cannister. It is designed to measure the internal environment of suborbital rockets carrying experiments to help researchers prepare future technology demonstrations for flight. Previous tests of this payload have included demonstration of the unit in space conditions during launch, flight, and landing.

Technology Areas (?)
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Problem Statement

New commercial launch providers can help expand access to a space environment for researchers looking to test their technologies. Understanding the characteristics of these new platforms, however, is important for understanding which types of technologies and demonstrations are a fit for their use.

Technology Maturation

This demonstration will evaluate the SpinLaunch platform’s environment to better understand how future payload flight tests might mature Flight Opportunities–supported technologies. The SpinLaunch system is designed to provide an alternative method for deploying small satellites and payloads into low-Earth orbit.

Future Customers

• NASA’s Flight Opportunities program • Commercial space industry • Technologists preparing for suborbital flights

Technology Details

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    Successful FOP Flights

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